Monday, October 25, 2010

The winner is...

Results are in: The winner of Bellababy Studio's October Swag Giveaway is Jeanne L.G. from Michigan! Congrats Jeanne and thank you for always posting those links, your so kind! I also want to thank everyone else who participated--dont forget to enter next months giveaway for a chance to win YOUR box of BBS Swag!

                                                   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bellababy Studio made it to OHIO!

Brooklyn's Daily Grind, in Toledo, Ohio,  now carries a small assortment of Bellababy Studio's  Hair Wear! Please stop by, have a cup of coffee and check out the goods! If you buy 'em up, I can send more. Oh, and say "Hi" to my sister Nicole...she's cute:)

                                       (p.s. I sent 5 colors of these Bows!)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

In case you missed it...

Some new stuff that I am really excited about.

Jackilyn and I wearing head pieces that I designed for my Uncles wedding--what fun we had! I must get a better picture of Jackilyn's piece, it was extraordinary! (stay tuned)

Isn't she the cutest???

Then there is my even cuter mother-in-law! What an adorable headband! (which I also made) She is precious:)

And my husband and I. I think I love him...ya, I do.

All and all, we had fun. And my head pieces were a HIT!

So...when is the next wedding???

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bellababy Studio's October Swag Giveaway! (play on Facebook)

It's time again for Bellababy Studio's Swag Giveaway!

The contest will start on October 10th and end on October 24th. Winner will be revealed on October 25th.

It's simple to enter! Just complete 2 easy steps (listed below) and you will be qualified to win some fabulous BBS swag!

(all who enter MUST be a fan of Bellababy Studio on Facebook)


*Step 1) Copy/Paste this link into your "status update/ link window". It should be visible on your wall. If you did it correctly, a photo should appear.


*Step 2) So I can keep track of all who enter (and compile a list), you MUST leave a comment on Bellababy Studio's Fan Page wall ( If you do not leave a comment on the fan page, you will not qualify.


That's it! Your entered! Voila!


Thanks for participating and GOOD LUCK!

Bellababy Studio

Friday, October 1, 2010

and the WINNER is...

The winner of Bellababy Studio's September Swag Giveaway is Kerry B. from Waterville, Oh.!!! Congratulations Kerry and thanks to everyone who played! Please stay tuned for October's Giveaway that will begin towards the end of the month.

Happy weekend!