Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Heads up! It's Spring cleaning time--that means more for you.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Free Swag Giveaway

Happy March everyone! Spring is in the air and it's time for another Giveaway! Click the link below for full details on how YOU could win a fab box of Bellababy Studio swag!

March Free Swag Giveaway

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The move.

Before you read this post, please "pause" music from bottom of page and press "play" here:

We moved. 4 miles north from our original home. I miss my neighbor dearly (and our weekend play dates). But, I now have a bigger and better home. Dogs love it. Cats love it. Son loves it. I love it. The hubs...well the jury is still out on that. He just moved from his childhood home of 18 years. I do think its growing on him though. MORE ROOM for all of our crap! 4 bedrooms, 2 big "extra" rooms to boot. Plenty of room to do whatever to. We have several tiled-in planters in the front yard. I've been planting seeds of flowers and watching everyday for seedlings to sprout up (they are coming). It's sort of a re-birth for me. New beginnings. New surroundings. New digs. Closer to city life and the "Orbit" free shuttle bus--score!

I absolutely adore moving. I tend to get stir crazy in one place. Must keep moving. Must find a new adventure. Must explore. Hubs seems to be a bit skeptical of it all. Now, I have moved a million times in my life. Never has it been disappointing or boring. It's exciting! It's new! I, for the life of me, can not understand why anyone would want to spend "forever" in any one place? Why should you? There's a whole big world out there waiting for you to discover it. It's not going anywhere. It's waiting. Waiting for you--waiting for us.

What I wouldn't give to go to Spain and roast/steam green onions (in news paper) in the ground for 2 hours then eat, drink and be merry! What I also wouldn't give to visit Greece and dance with the men in a traditional Greek dance, kicking my heels high while lamb was slowly roasting over a smokey and rustic spit. All the while, helping prepare the local vegetable fair (while indulging in a touch of wine) and using exotic herbs and spices. Black sand, blue-green waters, foreign hospitality and cheer to go around.

Ok, I' got a bit off track. But, really. Who doesn't like change? Who??? The way I see it, only "good" can come from change. Growth. Knowledge. Understanding. Peace.

Which is why, when I learned of the inevitable "move" I was quietly enthused and relieved. Time to start over. "New beginnings", as I've said before. A new chapter. Move over 2010! 2011 is moving in and taking names! Get the hell outta my way!

It's not all roses and champagne though. Moving is adjusting and setting up shop. New routines, new locations of everyday items, new smells, new friends (if any) and a new life (or at least the dream of one). But for me, it won't just be a dream. It will be reality. New things will happen and I will make them happen. You bet your ass I will. Seriously...bet your ass and your ass is mine. No take-backs. I mean it.

I do apologize for the lack of photos in this post. They are still a work in progress, Don't wet your pants--they are coming eventually. I feel the need to show you, in chronological order, the progression of the "garden" and the inside "decor". Bare with me. "Bare"? (Who knows if that's the right spelling, prob not.)

The reason why I felt the urge to write this is because I don't want anyone to feel "bad" for our move or feel "sorry" for our circumstance. It's all good vibes! We feel very good! We are all in a good place now--geographically and spiritually. It feels right. It feels comfortable.

It feels like home.

Home is where our hearts are.

The best words I've heard this month:
Landlord: "Do whatever you want to the house--it's yours!"

Cheers. Here's to new stuff.