Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Top 10 reasons I love Christmas

  • 10. Winter weather. Living in the desert, I learn to appreciate the cold MUCH more than when I lived in Ohio.
  • 9.   Reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" for the very first time, this year, to my son. He would never listen to it before!
  • 8.   Digging out my Christmas tree from storage (it's always dusty) and testing all the lights--half, of which, don't work anymore.
  • 7.   Seeing all my ornaments again and appreciating each and every one.
  • 6.   Watching my 6 yr. old son open each ornament and say, "Mom, this is my favorite one!"  and then proceeding to play with it and almost break it every year.
  • 5.   Begging my husband to get on the roof to hang our outside lights and then hearing profanity during the course of it. "This isn't going to F***ing work, Erin!". And, yet, it always does.
  • 4.   Making Buckeyes (a chocolate/peanut butter treat known well to my fellow Ohioans) and eating 1/3 of them in the process.
  • 3.   Waiting til the very, very last minute to shop for gifts and barely getting it done! Whew!
  • 2.   Listening to Christmas music day-in and day-out--and getting away with it!!! Also, watching 24 hours of " A Christmas Story"!
  • 1.   The joy on my boys face. The delight in his eyes when he sees a gaggle of gifts under the tree on Christmas morning and the feeling we get afterwards, "We did it, again!"
                                   HAPPY HOLIDAYS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!