Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Old Hollywood

Gorgeous, isn't she? Such actresses as Jean Harlow, Betty Grable, Audrey Hepburn and Jane Russell have been my inspiration this month for my most recent Couture Headpieces.

A vintage blend of French Netting, hand-stripped feathers, beading and maybe a flower come together in a throw-back to Old Hollywood Glamour.

I've created these pieces to be worn by Couture lovers everywhere. To the Opera, the Derby, a wedding, any formal gathering is the perfect oppurtunity to show off your Old Hollywood Glamour.

You musn't be a shy gal to sport one these eye-catchers--you'll definately get all the attention!

Inspiration for my Bows, you ask? None other than Clara Bow, of course! Who could refuse those big bright eyes and teensy tiny lips--cute as a button!

I wonder what next month will bring? Who or what will inspire me then? Maybe I should just dedicate the entire month to Marylin Monroe. Who's with me?!

(all Headpieces and Bows are available to purchase online at Bellababy Studio)


  1. I love all of your pieces... I get many compliments when I wear them! I am an addict! Keep 'em coming! :) Thanks!

  2. Your pieces are so creative. I love your style!

  3. thank you Krissy! I, too, love old Hollywood--just glamorous!