Friday, December 3, 2010

My Candy Gift Guide: Sweets!

I've been wanting and yearning to make some sweets for the holiday, but I'm still waiting on my candy thermometer! Maybe Santa will bring me one? I have  been extra good this year.The thermometer is a must-have for any candy enthusiast.  If you really want to give fabulous home-made candy as gifts this year (but don't want to get your hands sticky), I HIGHLY recommend  these sweet treats I've spent hours compiling--well, maybe not hours. But a long time!
Courtesy of Etsy and all her gifted candy makers, I give you...
My Candy Gift Guide: Sweets!

Let's start off gentle with the buttery goodness of Salted Gooey Caramels...

                               Fleur de Sel Butter Caramels by The Caramel Jar

Next, on to some dee-lish raspberry, white chocolate fudge. You heard me...

                        Raspberry White Chocolate Swirl Fudge by Jewel of the Lion

You still with me? Good. Cherries and chocolate--always good!

                          Cherries and Chocolate-A Bit of Heaven on Earth by Nikid

 Do you need a glass of milk yet? How about a nice hot cocoa?

                             Christmas Cocoa Mix in a Jar by Winter Wonderland

Can't explain this one. But it's fabulous!!!

                     I Moustache You - Hard Candy Lollipops by Vintage Confections

This next one is available in 8 flavors! Yeah--8!

                       Assorted Gourmet Nougats - 8 Flavors by Kettle Confections

Do you still have all your teeth? Mine are starting to hurt--Must. Keep. Going!

                           Drunk Chocolate Peppermint Balls by Brown Bag Bakery
                                               (p.s. they have Schnapps!)

The following had me drooling at first sight--I love fudge!

                         Julie's Fudge - with BUTTERSCOTCH by Jewel of the Lion
                              (this shop looks so tasty, I had to feature it twice!)

Now, on to cookies...Peppermint cookies! Such craftsmanship!

                      Teeny Starlight Peppermint Organic Cookies by Cukor Cookies

On the English side??? Toffee!

                                    Handmade English Toffee by Savoirfare
                                           (I'm intrigued--aren't you?)

Don't worry, I didn't forget the sexy lollipops!

                           Sexy Lip Lollipops Hard Candy by Sugar Bellys Boutique
                                (...and you thought I'd forget--shame on you!)

And last--but not least. Marshmallows! Don't they look sinful?

                         Dark Chocolate Raspberry Marshmallows by Softly Sweetly

Whew! After eating all this candy, you might need to suds up those sticky candy fingers of yours with some Olive Oil soap...caution: dont eat it!

                          Ultimate Christmas - Olive oil Soap by Catherine Filippelli

Well, I hope this Holiday Candy Guide has helped you or made you hungry. Either way, it was fun! Now, get your thermometer out and boil that sugar!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


  1. Thank you for including my marshmallows in this delicious guide! I have tried those caramels from the Caramel Jar, by the way, and they are excellent.

  2. I love it! You're awesome!!
    Thanks for including me!!!

  3. Thank you both for making such delicious treats!!!