Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Sailor Jerry Tribute

The tattoo culture is widely growing everyday and with it--acceptance. We all know that treating everyone as equals is a must. Now, not everyone does it (obviously) but at least we can try, right? I wish we lived in a world where no one was judged by their appearance or was refused work because of something as simple as body art. Because that's exactly what it How can society hate art? How? It's a staple to humanity. Now, we don't all have to like the same thing but that is what's so great about art. It's ever-changing.

Who I (as well as many others) consider to be the father of classic tattoo art is the one and only "Sailor Jerry" (pictured above). Sailor Jerry (R.I.P.) was and is an icon among the tattooed community. His work is re-done, re-worked and re-invented on a daily basis. Imitation is the best form of flattery, isn't it? I took inspiration from this very person when I created my new line of Satin Hair Bows.
If your not the one to go all the way and get a tattoo, maybe this will make up for it.

I call it "Tattooed".

                                   The "Forever Rose" bow.
                                   The "Love" bow.

                                  The "White Roses" bow.

                                   The "Royalty" bow.

                                       The "Nautical Star" bow.

                                   The "Black Butterfly" bow.

So, next time you catch yourself admiring someone else's tattoo--smile at them and think about what you've just read.

All bows are available to purchase at Bellababy Studio.

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