Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Couture For Today

I dreamed up a few more Couture goodies for those "special" occasions. They are all mounted on "teethed" alligator clips, good grip! Now, if only I had a special occasion to go to so I could wear them! You bet your sweet puhtooty--I'm gonna find one!
Red Daisy, Crystal & Coque Feather Hair Wear

Silver Sequins Star & Coque Feather Hair Wear

Turquoise Daisy & Crystal Hair Wear

Red Daiy & Crystal Hair Wear

Double Red Rose Hair Wear

Lime Green Daisy & Hand-Beaded Sequins Hair Wear

Purple Daisy, Vintage Shank & Rhinestone Hair Wear

Glitterati Yellow Amaryllis Hair Wear

Deep Purple Rose Hair Wear

(Items listed for purchase at http://www.bellababystudio.etsy.com/)

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