Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Silken Bows" by Ian Sawicki

Poem "Silken Bows" by Ian Sawicki (Bows by Bellababy Studio)

Shall we dance across dawn's invitation

while perfumed lullabies stretch inside sleep?

We could gather roses that sparkle light

or sigh by the side of a river's bank,

the choice is entirely up to you, dear.
There are rainbows in full bloom with colour,

soft breezes which linger near warm romance,

perhaps we might breathe in those fragrant scenes

as love swims in the sky in feathered form.
Shall we dance through the day's delicate realm

then slip into dreams as the night arrives?

We could capture some beauty with passion

or watch it roam free in its wild domain,

please let me know what it is you prefer?

  There are magical moments in nature,

quiet sensations which twist the spirit,

maybe we can slip through their fine odour

as hearts wrap up desire in silken bows.  

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