Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bellababy Studio's September Swag Giveaway! (Facebook Giveaway)

It's time again for my monthly Giveaway!
One winner will be picked at random (Sept.30 10pm) and will recieve a FREE Box of Bellababy Studio Swag!
Please read the instructions below and find out how to qualify. You must be a FAN of Bellababy Studio's Facebook page to enter.
...All items listed below MUST be completed to qualify. After you have correctly completed steps 1-3 below, you will receive a confirmation message sent directly to your Facebook inbox (please "allow" for messages). Let's play!!!
1) Please copy/paste the following link into your "link" icon below your "update status" window. This link MUST BE VISIBLE on your "wall". If you have done it correctly, a photo should appear.
2) Go to, become a "follower" (if you arent already) AND leave a comment under your favorite Post.
3) "Share" this Event with all your friends! Voila! You have entered!
Please be sure to look for your confirmation message that will be sent to your FB inbox. This will assure you that you have correctly entered the Giveaway!


  1. i have a question. do u do a flower that can attatch to a cotton headband with a clip that looks like a clamp. ny brother and his wife have a premie babay that wears the headband and my sis in law has a couple different flowers that are attatched to that clip. It just slides in side the headband.