Monday, March 15, 2010


Who doesnt love a good car show? Gear heads, junk food, port-a-potties, foot blisters and vendors galore! We had an awesome time at the Goodguys Street Rod and Custom Car Show this past Sunday. This was actually the second one weve been to in about 6 months and it was held at Westworld in Scottsdale, that place is huge! First time we went, we could only see about a quarter of the cars because there were SO many! But this time we got to see all the hotrods and custom cars that were there, it was a smaller show, not sure why, though.

I just love taking photos of the fronts of these cars, they are beautiful! Hood ornaments, emblems, headlights, grills, fenders, paint--everything was alive with color and sparkle! I like shiny objects, and this was a photogs playground! I could have spent all weekend there trying to get the perfect shot, so many options-so little time. I'm thinking about getting some of these shots blown up and framed for my sons bedroom walls, pretty sure he would love that!

All in all, it was a freakin' blast and i cant wait to do it again! Although next time, i will definatley wear tennis shoes--not a stylin' pair of flats. I have the blisters to prove it...

My husband Chuck and I--nice tongue, babe...

...there was a guy there who made these little hotrods for kids, working steering wheel, and it comes equiped with a pushbar for parents! (wonder how much that would have cost?)

...a token black and white photo of myself, sorry, cant help it.

...the front end of the car my husband wants.

...the inside of the same car, check out the skull head shifter!

...and there she is, the lead wagon of Chucks dreams! I think he peed a little when he saw her...

...apparently, Chuck had this exact same truck--till he had to sell it. I think he's wondering if this truck really used to be his truck?

...and the best looking Hotrod, i saved for last! My handsome man...Charles.

...what a hunk!

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