Friday, March 5, 2010

Freakin' Friday

So...what else would i be doing on this fine Friday evening other than folding laundry? You guessed it--washing dishes. Our weekends (as parents) have consistently become like every other day. Same thing, different day. I'm starting to wonder where all the other thirty-somethings (with children) are? I dont seem to meet any of them, are they hiding? Do they not exist? Do i need to frequent a PTA meeting or something? Marco? Polo? I guess i just find it hard to believe that finding people with the same interests (or age, for the matter) has to be so dang difficult! Especially living in a big city like Tempe. But, of course, Tempe is a college town...that could be our problem.
     Chuck (my husband/best friend) and I might have to consider holding some "friend" interviews, if things keep going at this rate! We always catch ourselves peeking at couples we see around town and think, " I bet they would be cool to hang out with! Go talk to them! Go say Hi! Do you see any kids?" We are turning into "friend stalkers"! Do they have special groups for this sort of thing? Something like "We Have No Friends Anonymous"? Maybe we could meet weekly or something? I could bring the snacks! Then everyone becomes friends in the group and we all live happily ever after! Ahhhhhh, wouldnt that be ideal?  A great end to a great story. But, I guess for the time being, i will just throw another load in the washing machine and maybe polish the silverware. Happy freakin' Friday....


  1. we're in scottsdale, but we're in our 30s and have a kid! do we count? ;) we need to meet up, girl!

  2. well, yes, i think you fit the description! wahoooo! lets plan our first date:)